December 5, 2010

Aquaphobically Asthmatic

This swimming teacher is back with more stories!
(Okay, now that is such a lame introduction. Ahahahh...)

Earlier this morning, I received a new group of students. There were five of them between the ages of 24 to 35.
One of them is asthmatic.
Another one is aquaphobic.

I didn't know the aquaphobic one has had a bad experience of nearly drowning in the first place. That was why I treated her like you know, normal adults who logically would be comfortable in the water as they are taller and therefore would not drown as you know, they are, taller and could stand comfortably. Unlike me, sometimes I have to stand on tip toes, terjengket-jengket.

No wonder she was so stiff in the water. Pernah lemas rupanya~
So I spent more time with her. Patience is key.
At times she couldn't do it, she would always apologize
"Sorry sorry! Sorry Bash!"

I told you I've learnt from my mistake. I never want to be the mean, evil teacher again.
So I said "Eh takpe takpe... Ha apa kata cuba macam ni pulak."
A teacher not only teach, but also helps solve problems.

The asthmatic one had problems with breathing underwater.
The aquaphobic one had problems floating, bubbling, and well, basically being inside the water by herself.

But by the end of the class,
The asthmatic one could already did the basic gliding, while at the same time breathe calmly underwater.
The aquaphobic one could already float and glide on her own. She no longer needed me by her side.

That was exactly how I felt! Really, I was in a really really good mood for the whole day!

My mum has inspired me the most. She used to teach autistic children swimming, for only RM 20 per hour. It was such a very very low payment. Autistic children, you see, were quite slow when it comes to following instructions and they also had low levels of concentration. Whenever we forced them to try harder, they would suddenly go "Aiyaaarkkk! Ak ak ak...!"
Patience is totally needed!

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