September 15, 2010


Happy, happy innocent kids...

I just HAVE to write about this random act of kindness!

Okay, okay... So what is it that made me really touched that it actually moved me off the couch and rushed me to my laptop? (When I was already halfway to dreamland~)


I just watched the tv show Bang Bang Boom on TV3 and there was this one segment called “Terima Kasih”. Terima Kasih means Thank You, in English. Okay, honestly I’m not really a fan of Bang Bang Boom but somehow... Mum's watching, so I joined in-lah.

Now, back to the random act of kindness ya. The story’s like this;

One man (Bang Bang Boom’s crew) went around asking for people to buy him a RM 12.90 worth of fabric (In which he planned to make a new baju raya for his daughter) in exchange for the bubur lambuk (A type of porridge) that he’s selling. There were only about 2 or 3 packs of bubur lambuk in his basket so you see the porridges were totally not worth that amount. It wasn’t even close to RM 10! Well, the search for Mr. Kind went on and on… Though loads of people seemed concerned, the porridge man still didn’t get the fabric.


Mr. So-kind-that-Bashtiah-is-touched arrived! He bought the porridge man the fabric (I wasn’t sure what colour or what type of fabric costs RM 12.90 but it was placed in a Mydin plastic.), AND… He also gave the man MONEY! How kind is that? May I ask you again, how kind is that? VERY KIND. And oh, he didn’t take the porridges. So, he is VERY VERY KIND.

Buat baik dibalas baik…

In return for his good deed, Bang Bang Boom gave him money. Their crew pretended to ask for direction, and then the person gave Mr. Kind money. He tried to return back the money but the Bang Bang Boom crew ran too fast.

I told my friend about this and he said,

“Wah! Syok, tak payah kerja berat.”

That’s not the point, my dear… My point is, there are still kind people in this world. I thought people nowadays only know how to burn people (Sosilawati’s case).

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